Digital anti-theft system

IGLA is a unique unit that provides maximum theft protection for cars, motorcycles, trucks, construction machinery, motorboats etc.
Thanks to patented technology and innovative digital blockings, IGLA protects against all known way of theft methods.

What is Igla?

IGLA – This anti-theft system is mainly characterized by blocking the engine with intelligent algorithms, overriding the activation systems, to make sure that the vehicle cant drive without activation of the system.


Through a close collaboration with selected partners and a large network of installers, we offer professional installation of IGLA in the whole of Scandinavia. offer professional installation of IGLA in the whole of Scandinavia.

Igla Strength

The world’s smallest digital anti-theft system
Protects against all knowned way of theft
0 thefts in 12 years with our system!
Warranty retained
No subscription or extra payments
3 years product and installation warranty


We develop and manufacture CAN-based anti-theft equipment. We are TOP experts in protection against theft!


IGLA is a unique device developed to protect the car from all known ways of theft: relay attack, OBD-hacking, key cloning, car hijacking, etc. The device is undetectable for any theft devices and scanners since it doesn’t show itself until the authorization is made. Authorization can be made via personal PIN-code (the cars cockpit buttons), Smartphone APP, or key fobs.


The warranty covers product and installation defects. Should an error occur in the software within the warranty period, we will correct it free of charge. We are insured against any damage to customer car in connection with installation.

Once you have had your Igla installed by us or one of our dealers, we provide a 3-year warranty certificate on our system and installation. Reinstallation of the system in another car is possible.


Since 2008, we have achieved great success
Currently, we are located in 30 countries
Igla is installed in over 300 000 cars world vide
No registrated car-thefts with IGLA installed for 12 years
Professional installation
Top quality product
IGLA makes the difference!

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