The first in the world to have invented and patented digital engine blocking via CAN and LIN bus, developed a unique indication with a standard light and sound signal, introduced a concept of modular protection via CAN bus, which is fundamentally new for the market.

Thanks to the use of these innovative technologies and original technical solutions, digital anti-theft systems of the IGLA family are rightfully considered one of the most effective devices for protecting cars from theft.


 300 000 + installations

33 represented countrys world wide


with a unique pin code for your car.

Without exaggeration, we can be proud to say that IGLA has revolutionized the car security industry

N E X T  G E N E R A T I O N  C A R  A N T I - T H E F T  S Y S T E M 

IGLA - This anti-theft system is mainly characterized by blocking the engine with intelligent algorithms, overriding the activation systems, making the vehicle depend 100% on IGLA to start.

IGLA is a unique device developed to protect the car from all known ways of theft: relay attack, OBD-II hacking, key cloning, car hijacking, etc. The device is undetectable for any theft devices and scanners since it doesn't show itself until the authorization is made. Authorization can be made via personal PIN code (the cars cockpit buttons), Smartphone APP, or key fobs.

The device has an innovative mechanism of door locking that uses standard circuit conduits of the car so there is no additional wiring that can be easily found.

Engine and automatic transmission blocking

No electric circuit break

Smart 3 - way authorization with app, cockpit buttons or key-fob

Safe for the engine. Car warranty is maintained

Anti-Hi-Jack mode with safe jamming the engine

User-friendly service mode without the need to inform about PIN

The device does not pretends to enter PIN code

Without monthly subscription and additional payments

No additional key fobs and batteries

IGLA Truck is the first specialized protection of trucks against theft by digital blocking of the engine on two CAN and LIN buses.

Intelligent protection

A miniature digital device is built into the standard electrical wiring of the truck, and when an attempt is made to steal (in security mode) it blocks the engine, starter, automatic transmission or fuel supply system.

Intelligent communication

Start-up and shutdown of the truck's actuators are controlled by standard control units. IGLA TRUCK communicates with control units via a digital CAN bus (twisted pair of wires through which the on-board electronics is controlled). 

IGLA TRUCK commands have higher priority than control unit commands. Even if the hijacker tries to start the engine through a compromised control unit, IGLA TRUCK will still prevent it from starting. 

IGLA TRUCK uses standard commands written in the control unit by the manufacturer. Commands are sent according to the provided algorithm and do not cause program conflicts.


The IGLA Moto anti-theft system is a miniature device that blocks the engine and other drive systems via the digital CAN bus. Authentication by a PIN-code, (standard buttons) or by smartphone.

First specialized defense

The technology is based on the flagship IGLA anti-theft system, which effectively resists advanced theft methods. From its predecessor, IGLA MOTO took the best: digital locks, impossibility of detection, simplicity and variability of installation. A common type of motorcycle theft is the theft of a mechanical key or relaying the electronic key signal (relevant for motorcycles with a Keyless Ride system).

IGLA MOTO reliably protects the motorcycle from theft by digital blocking of engine start.

The device was developed on the example of a motorcycle BMW model GS 2016-2017 and has proven itself excellent, showing a high class of protection. Today IGLA MOTO works not only with BMW motorcycles, but also with other models and brands of similar class and characteristics.

Innovative digital solutions for cars, trucks and motorbikes

The inhibition of the vehicle start is carried out from the original electronics of your vehicle.

In addition, IGLA ALARM is compatible with all the products in the IGLA range and offers additional functions together with other systems, such as IGLA GPS, in which, in addition to geolocation, it offers uplift and impact warnings thanks to its built-in gyroscope. 

The IGLA ALARM anti-theft system is our newest product. It is the most secure system to protect your vehicle against any attempted theft or burglary.

Total security on your vehicle.

The device has double channel installation, and is our top safe system. It works with 12 and 24 volts, making it perfect also for vehicles such as trucks.

IGLA is the smallest digital anti theft system on the market, therefore it will be impossible to detect and its tightness makes it resistant to water and temperature changes. It´s impossible to use the vehicle without your consent, it will only be started by means of a programmed sequence using the vehicle's own buttons, a presence key fob or the smartphone application.

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The IGLA AUTOSTART system allows you to warm the engine and car interior in cold weather as well as cooling the interior on hot days before the trip. In some vehicles you can control the pre-installed Webasto engine heater. The device allows the engine to be started with the standard car key, the Android mobile app or additional devices such as an additional alarm system or a GSM module. 

Unique autorun system

Keyless digital crawler of a standard immobilizer and a full-fledged autostart in one device. Allows you to start the engine or Webasto heater from a standard car remote control, smartphone or third-party devices, for example, an additional alarm or GSM module. Will forcibly turn off the engine when attempting to steal.

IGLA's COMPASS is an innovative GSM / GPS tracker that is used to determine the location of your car through the mobile application on your Smartphone. The tracker can be controlled via the mobile app for iOS and Android or by sending SMS commands.

If there is no connection with satellites via GPS, coordinates are determined via GSM.

The GSM / IGLA GPS Locator can be completed with the IGLA anti-theft system and the AUTOSTART module to provide additional security for the car and remote engine start.

Remote engine blocking system

IGLA C digital blocking module, is designed to remotely lock the engine when someone tries to steal a car. As a result of sending the blocking command, the car engine will be turned off when the car's speed decreases below 5 km/h or when it stops completely, after which the engine can be restarted only after sending the command to remove the lock.

You should have this product if you run a car company and often lend cars for test driving. If the customer does not return with the car, you can shut down the engine and find the car via your app on your smartphone.

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We usually invoice installation at a fixed price. We then provide a price for a so-called "Standard installation" which refers to the installation of the desired product. Work that is added in addition to the "Standard installation" is charged continuously per working hour. Prerequisites for the installation are communicated in good time from us so that everything will be as easy as possible for both of us. 

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Through a close collaboration with selected partners and a large network of installers around Scandinavia, we can offer professional installation of IGLA´'s product series / equipment.

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The installation of our system takes about two hours, depending on product and vehicle model. 

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