The Company IGLA-TECH AB

IGLA-TECH AB is distrubuter for AUTHOR ALARM products in Scandinavia –

We got the tools

We are always up-to date with the automotive industry products, and we offer the latest electronic upgrades for your vehicle.

Our industry knowledge and in-stock product availability is unmatched.

Certified Experience

Our goal is, first and foremost, to meet our customer’s expectations, and we do this through clearly understanding your desires. With your satisfaction as our key objective, we recommend and customize solutions within your budget.

Competitive Pricing

No matter what we do, we strive to provide the absolute best services at fair prices. Because of our relationships with various dealers and installers, we’re able to offer extremely competitive prices on all our products.

3 years guarantee


IGLA devices are homologated in the European Community and, since their installation does not require cutting cables, the owner of the vehicle will maintain its warranty.

You will recieve guarantee certificate with your IGLA installation.

13 Years Experience

IGLA Team have researched and installed car security since 2008. We are mainly engaged in installing and developing CAN-based devices to protect your car against theft.

We are TOP experts in protection against vehicle-theft!

Great Support

IGLA TECH customer service is on site to help you with product questions, installation, prices and more.

We offer installation all over Scandinavia.

Welcome to contact us.

We offer a tailor-made approach to developing and manufacturing security solutions for each single car, coupled with cutting-edge technologies and top quality. Keeping pace with the times, we are constantly learning and improving. We are looking to the future to meet contemporary challenges in car security with help of intelligent technologies.

We develop hardware and software to change the way car owners use their car.

We got the best solution for car insurance business.

Reliable protection:
0 thefts registered in 13 years.

Unique solution approved by:
car manufacturers, anti-crime organisations and insurance companys.

Quality certified by:
International organizations ISO, KIWA, CE, E-MARK.

Protection against all known ways of theft:
cartheft, key-theft and hi-jacking

More than 400 000 systems installed:
IGLA is represented in 33 countries.

Car theft is a big business around the world.

There are many large organized groups of car thieves that fulfill orders for contract buyers. Some cars are stolen for being shipped outside of the countries, especially to Mexico.

Some intend to personally drive or sell the stolen car to anyone after disguising the vehicle with new paint, plates, and wheels. Worst yet, your car may be used for another crime commitment.

Your stolen car may be involved in a hit-and-run accident leaving you to explain your alibi and prove that it wasn’t you to cause the incident. Another form of violent vehicle theft is called hijacking.

This is why it is so important to protect your car. We know how to do this.

More protection levels, for cars and trucks!

The uniqueness of our IGLA ALARM antitheft system lays in a possibility of digital blockings via both CAN and LIN buses which significantly improves the reliability of the system and increases the number of places for installation.

Goood news are: Your car is no longer vulnerable to theft via CAN bus short circuit used by criminals, which is crucial to japanese cars!

IGLA pro is available for cars, commercial transport and trucks!