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Installation all over Scandinavia
Through a close collaboration with selected partners and a large network of installers around Scandinavia, we can offer professional installation of IGLA´’s product series / equipment.

We attach great importance to handing over a professionally completed installation. Nicely done and when required, well documented.

The installation of our system takes about two hours, depending on product and vehicle model.
Warranty and general conditions for installation of IGLA product.
Once you have had one of our products installed in your vehicle, we provide a 3-year warranty on the product and installation.



  • Igla 100
  • Igla 200
  • Igla 231
  • Igla Alarm
  • Compass
  • Kvarn
  • Compass C
  • Autostart
  • Igla Alarm +Compass
  • Igla Alarm +Compass +Autostart
  • Keyless Block
  • OBD Block