Innovative digital solutions for cars, trucks and motorbikes.

Anti-theft devices for most vehicles

We are working hard to produce reliable solutions. Supplement IGLA with other security modules to protect your car against any type of theft.

Igla Pin-cod system

IGLA is the smallest and most effective digital anti-theft system in the world.

Advanced functionality, tiny size, and capacity to connect a large number of additional security and service modules make IGLA one of the most efficient and technically sophisticated car protection systems. Deaktivation of the system via pin-cod combination on your cockpit buttons.

Price 690;- EUR

Compass C

 We’re happy to launch the COMPASS C – the system of car location monitoring with a remote engine blocking function via CAN bus.

With the mobile app the system allows controlling the car’s location and condition and can remotely block the engine’s work promptly if needed.

Price 790;- EUR


Isn’t it a dream to sit in a warm сar and move immediately without waiting? The digital remote start device AUTOSTART allows you to start the car remotely using just a regular key fob and to warm it before you leave home.

The system is fully compatible with IGLA and other devices.

545;- EUR

Igla Alarm

IGLA ALARM is not only the smallest 2CAN 2LIN digital alarm in the world, but also our most comprehensive system.

Advanced functionality, tiny size, and capacity to connect a large number of additional security and service modules make IGLA ALARM one of the most efficient and technically sophisticated car protection systems.

Price 990;- EUR


You want to locate the car from your phone?
It’s easy with COMPASS.

COMPASS is an innovative GSM/GPS tracker used to determine your cars location via mobile app on your smartphone.

Price 490;- EUR

Keyless Block

Thieves ”hack” the keyless lock and keyless ignition system in a simple way.

How do they do it?

A relay attack usually involves two people working together. One stands by the targeted vehicle, while the other stands near the house with a device that can pick up a signal from the key fob.

The device then relays the key fob’s signal directly to the car, allowing the thieves to get in and drive away immediately.

Price 590;- EUR


This set comprises the COMPASS, IGLA ALARM and AUTOSTART.
It combines advanced security and anti-theft functions, as well as engine autostart and car location control.

Control the system, start the engine, and get notifications via smartphone.
Control the car perimeter security via a standard key / keyfob.
Enjoy reliable digital engine blocking via smartphone.

Price 1200;- EUR

IGLA Kvant

This advanced security system combines digital and analog technology to prevent your car from starting.
Digital system with innovative communication for authorization of engine start.
Quality hardware analog system to prevent the engine from starting.
Compatible with internal combustion, electric, and hybrid cars. Authorization via PIN code, keyfob, or mobile app.
Easy to install, totally hermetic, and tiny in size.

Price 490;- EUR

OBD Block

OBD Block for the diagnostic port protection.

This module is designed to protect the OBD-II diagnostic connector from any unauthorized access.

Using the system allows you to prevent the hacking of regular software when connected to the OBD diagnostic connector and thus protects your car from theft.

Price 390;- EUR

Intellectual protection for premium cars.

IGLA PRO is a double CANbus protection device designed to protect the car against theft and carjacking. Authorization is via a keyfob, smartphone, or a personal PIN code set by the owner.

It cannot be detected by any scanning device since it does not give itself away until you get authorized. Being tiny in size, just like IGLA, it can be installed almost anywhere in the car.

Price 990;- EUR

IGLA Truck – Heavy truck protection.

Hijacking a truck or construction equipment is a difficult but profitable business that real professionals are engaged in. For them, breaking the basic protection is a matter of a few minutes. To save the truck and not incur huge costs, you need a truly reliable anti-theft system with several lines of protection. Such as IGLA TRUCK.

IGLA TRUCK technology is based on the flagship IGLA anti-theft system, which works on the [2CAN2LIN] platform and effectively resists the most advanced methods of theft. From the predecessor IGLA TRUCK took the best.

The IGLA TRUCK system resists all known theft methods, controls comfort functions and has a number of specific features designed to protect trucks and their owners.

Truck models supported by IGLA TRUCK: Mercedes-Benz ACTROS 2012; Mercedes-Benz ACTROS MP4; SCANIA P400; DAF 105.

Price 990;- EUR



Controls the hood lock, siren, and blocking relay based on IGLA commands via CAN bus


Blocks the engine in case of lost connection with the IGLA anti-theft system via CAN bus


Have you ever wondered in which ways digital blocking differs from analog blocking? Most devices currently present on the market still use simple analog blockings via relay, which is easily found and unblocked by thieves.

Digital locking is a fundamentally new approach to car security. There is no need to install any relay: all communication is via CAN & LIN buses.

This means that CAN-based devices do speak the same language as the car!

When joining our IGLA family, you don’t just choose unique technology and innovative anti-theft equipment, you grow and learn with us.