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Smart approach to car security

IGLA is a unique device to protect your car against theft, including relay attack, OBD II hacking, key cloning, and carjacking. The device is undetectable for any theft devices and scanners since it doesn’t show itself until you authorized it via PIN code, smartphone, or keyfob.


No thefts recorded so far!

We promise to continue keeping the highest quality standards to our customers with real benefits of using this most reliable solution.

Since its inception, we have installed over 400,000 systems globally.


Benefits of the IGLA system

  • No subscription or additional fees
  • Authorized via smartphone/standard buttons
  • Safe for engine, car warranty maintained
  • Lock the engine without wiring intervention
  • Anti-carjacking mode with safe engine shut-off


We are engaged in installation ourselves. Therefore, we know that the overall success much depends on the installer’s skills

Patented technology

The producer of IGLA, Author Alarm invent, design, and where the first company to develop CAN lock for new cars.

Reliable products

Since its inception, IGLA has bin installed in over 400,000 vehicles around the world. Not a single theft recorded so far! Today IGLA are represented in 33 contries world wide.