No thefts recorded so far!

Our products prevent your car from getting stolen. Until today, our products have bin installed in over 400 000 vehicles around the world.

According to records, not a single cartheft with our product has bin reported in 13 years.

We are focusing on to continue keeping the highest quality standards to our customers with real benefits of using this most reliable solution.

Expensive car parts: one more reason to steal the car.

For professional thieves, stealing and stripping vehicles for parts has always been a profitable business. In modern cars and trucks, the parts installed are often more expensive than the whole car which makes it more attractive for the criminals.

That’s why we see so many thefts of key items like wheels, tires, windows, fog lights, etc. There’s always a market for them.

The Toyota Camry, the most stolen model, according to the latest NICB ”Hot Wheels” report, had 15 commonly replaced components worth almost $11,000. And THIS does not include labor.

Now calculate what’s the real cost of your car and think about its safety.